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The Jeffrey B Valentine Show an extension of JBV Ministry, a weekly broadcast that is designed to reach the needs of God’s people through the Word of God.


"I was always in my mind, fighting battles of things that have occured in my life past, present and what i believed would happen in the future. It wasn't until the prayer warriors of the Shondo Center prayed for me and with me until i was secure enough to encourage myself in Gods word. Thank you for reminding me that i am never alone."

- Rhea


"I thank God for this ministry and the family atmosphere is brings to me and my family. I will continue to be there every Sunday to worship and study Gods word."

- Mrs. H


"God is so gracious and answered my prayers that I prayed for. I am so grateful that i made contact with this ministry ; thank you so much."

- Sean

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Three Ways to Watch

24/7 Listening

Download the live 365 app, hit the search icon ?, type in JBV radio, when the icon appears click it. Once the station is playing hit the ❤️ button to save it to the favorites so every time they open the app it will be there


Join Pastor Jeff this and every Sunday morning in Jacksonville, Florida, The CW Network 5:00 a.m – 6:00 a.m. You can also view previous shows on the website ( and YouTube and Facebook “The Jeffrey B Valentine Show

Our youtube page is dedicated to past sermons and teaching every Sunday , right here in Jacksonville, FL.. In case you missed joining us in person, you can still get the word by watching our services here on YouTube.

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